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Field trips
Field trips!

January 11, 2015

A day in the life

What happens in a typical day at Classical Conversations here in the Lehigh Valley? One part of every session is presentations: from K-4 on up, each student makes a 2-3 minute presentation. It might be "My favorite Christmas present," "A historical person I admire," "Something I did this summer," or a host of other topics.

We want our students to be comfortable formally speaking to people, conveying information, asking and answering questions.

Art is a part of each week: Sometimes we're studying artists, other times we're making art, either visual or musical. All students learn to play the tin whistle (similar to a recorder). At other times of the year, we may listen to classical music, discuss a painting, or experiment with various ways of creating art.
We review our memory work for the week: our timeline of the world, a history sentence giving a snapshot of a period or event, grammar rules, science facts, "skip counting" (math multiples), geography, and the like. Most memory work is on a three-year cycle, so a child who enters Foundations in kindergarten will eventually repeat all the memory work at least twice. There is time for hands-on learning and review about geography, such as marking rivers, states, and continents on a map. Science experiments teach the scientific method and bring concepts to life.

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