Field trips

Field trips
Field trips!

May 23, 2016

Push The Rock in the afternoons

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Push The Rock, a Christian sports ministry. This coming school year, PTR will operate a sports & activity program each afternoon of our community days (24 weeks through the year), in the new gym at our new home, Locust Valley Chapel in Coopersburg. This will run 1-3 PM, during the time that Essentials (CC's extended program for 4th-6th grades) meets. PTR is available for younger siblings of Essentials students, for other Foundations kids who want the activity and extended time with their CC friends, and for other homeschooling children who simply want an exercise program.

We look forward  to Push The Rock joining with our program to minster to the whole person of our students.

May 19, 2016

Challenge A (middle school) program starting!

We are delighted to announce the beginning of CC's Challenge program for middle and high school students this coming fall. We will offer Challenge A this year, which is intended for students approximately 12-13 years old. There are several spaces open for new students; we also have space in Foundations and Essentials for younger siblings, but those spaces are limited, so please don't wait if you're interested.

Challenge is CC's 6-year capstone program for building students into devoted followers of Christ and leaders of people, building on the foundation of learning in Foundations and Essentials to explore and think about the world God has placed us in. It is a 30-week, once a week full day program that covers a full range of subjects in a highly participatory seminar setting. It does not require parents to be present, though they are involved through the week in guiding and supporting students in home assignments.

Our plan is to keep building Challenge classes in coming years, so that students who start this year with Challenge A will be able to go through the entire A, B, I, II, III, IV sequence over the next 6 years. However, we won't necessarily offer every class every year (we may group two years of students together to have a better-sized class and properly staff the program).

For more information about the Challenge A program, please look at the CC web site. For more information about signing up, please contact Challenge Director Lori Emr.